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ROKR Globe ST002 vs ST003: Which Wooden Puzzle Suits You?

Maps and geographic elements are really interesting tokens that you can display around your niche while also looking at them at times and learning something. These two globe 3D wooden puzzles will surely make great and lasting tabletop pieces. But they have different characteristics, so let's check out and review their features so you can assess which one suits your style and preferences best:


ROKR The Globe Model 3D Wooden Puzzle ST002

The globe represented in this puzzle is seemingly comprehensive as it comes with clear and visible texts identifying the continents and some big-sized countries. Hence, the structure and composure of the globe come with clear and visible lines that can symbolize the latitudes and longitudes, which are explainable for kids to know. Moreover, this globe wooden 3D puzzle is more suitable for the purposes of getting to know more about the parts of the globe than extensively studying geography.

ROKR Luminous Globe 3D Wooden Puzzle ST003

This Globe 3D wooden puzzle stands on a seemingly embellished and overly-adorned casing making it more unrealistic than ROKR's Globe Model 3D Wooden Puzzle ST002. Hence, if you are looking for a matching decorative object to make a room lively and informational, the Luminous Globe 3D wooden puzzle gives a glowing and welcoming atmosphere through its warm-toned color and fancy appearance. Hence, this globe has the complete geographic illustrations of the map, this wooden puzzle is completely perfect for professional and educational uses for studying geography.

Puzzle Assemblage Experience

ROKR The Globe Model 3D Wooden Puzzle ST002

The Globe Model comes with more than 567 puzzle pieces. The globe structure and composition itself are part of the puzzle pieces that need to be assembled, which comes up to an estimation of the required assembly time of 8 hours. It has a very high difficulty level. What's great t with this wooden puzzle from ROKR is that you can learn more as you explore and learn about the face of the globe and which continents, oceans, and countries are situated along and adjacent to each other. Thus, you can also familiarize the meridian ring and its corresponding degrees. On the other hand, the platform is intricate and will surely hone one's problem-solving and analytical skills. See the item at this link: ROKR The Globe Model 3D Wooden Puzzle.

ROKR Luminous Globe 3D Wooden Puzzle ST003

Meanwhile, the Luminous Globe has very detailed tiny puzzle pieces that would surely challenge one's capability to solve problems and analyze shapes, edges, and corners to fit perfectly with its adjacent puzzle pieces. It only has 187 puzzle pieces as the globe's structure of this puzzle piece does not need to be assembled, but still at a very high difficulty level through its fancy and intricate platform. See the item at this link: ROKR Luminous Globe 3D Wooden Puzzle

Moreover, a 3D Globe puzzle is another level of educational and exciting decoration for your home, office, and other leisure areas. Decorating 3D globes is a smarter option as it gives a formal appeal similar to decorating your shelf or tabletop with a pile of books and putting a candle holder or vase beside it, no matter how you want to use it for. 

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